Chernobyl-a Ghost town, which after years in the hearts of many residents remains the family and the best. Here you will not hear the laughter of children, the noise of street vehicles. Oppressive silence strains and makes you think about what happened in those distant years.

  Sitting at home and flipping through magazines, you cannot feel the heart of the tragedy. Feel the problem can be, if you set foot on this earth, personally, to see the desolate flats where something tragic sounds echo in the courtyard of the carousels creak, rusted from "sadness," sad toys, and not waiting for his young master.

  Trips to Chernobyl a few years ago seemed to be a Frank and very dangerous adventure, but in recent years, they have become a reality. If there is such a desire, it is enough to apply to STALKERway and order an acceptable Chernobyl tours from Kiev.

  Tours to Chernobyl

  The private company STALKERway offers several options of excursion in Pripyat, Chernobyl, in those places where under a two-meter layer of the earth nearly two hundred villages about which now remind only memorial plates are buried.

  Active interest to visit the alienated zone shown not only by citizens of Ukraine, but also guests from foreign countries. Trips to Chernobyl from UK, Poland, Belarus, Germany and other countries are organized.

  STALKERway Company offers tour to #Chernobyl from Kiev, which differ:

  • by duration (from one to six days);
  • the number of tourists (individual, group and extended group).

  Every tourist who decides to travel to Pripyat is subject to compulsory insurance. A personal guide, telling a lot about life before the accident, evacuation and complete devastation of cities and villages immediately after it, accompanies each group. The personal guide will instruct you on what measures are important to observe in order not to harm the health, so that the Chernobyl tours safe.

  The Chernobyl tour cost

  The Pripyat tour cost is much higher than many other tours in Ukraine. Taking into account the fact that tourists from different parts of the world show an increased interest in such tours, the cost of the tour to the exclusion zone tied to the dollar.

  Tourists have the opportunity to spend a few days in this area, living in hotels regime Chernobyl. Here you can talk to those who serve the territory of the former nuclear power plant.

  Chernobyl is the pain of Ukrainians; Chernobyl is a lesson that demonstrates how all plans can collapse overnight, exposing life to drastic changes.