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Safety trips to Chernobyl from UK with StalkerWay

The year 1986 remains in our memory as the year of the biggest technogenic disaster in history. Chernobyl nuclear power plant and a town of Pripyat, Kyiv region, have become an extensive evidence of human’s power and carelessness. They remain desolate in 2019. Only here you can feel the striking contrast between everyday life and a place with no people left.

How can you feel them? The answer is simple – order the best Chernobyl tour from a reliable company STALKERway. Today, the disaster has become more popular because of mass media, video games, and movies. However, nothing can give you as many impressions and excitement as a real-life journey from Kyiv to Chernobyl. No computer game, documentary video, action movie, or a book can get you more adrenaline than a real tour to Chernobyl Zone.

Visit the Zone of Chernobyl

Safe and exciting Chernobyl tours from Kyiv sounded oddly in the nearest past. Today, it has become a reality. More and more tourists all over the world reveal the Chernobyl area with the assistance of STALKERway company. Only with us, you can dip into the mystery of this isolated Ukrainian area.

A Chernobyl trip will become a memorable event for people fond of industrial tourism, history, and adventures. It is a must for all ecological enthusiasts as well. STALKERway invites you to visit the most exciting areas of the Chernobyl Zone and Pripyat.

Pick Your Own Chernobyl Tour From Kyiv

Our team offers you a wide variety of tour options. You can take part in the best Chernobyl tour that includes the places of untouched nature, recreational zones, and former villages and settlements. You will be able to estimate the full image of radiation pollution by visiting the areas affected in varying degrees. You can pick the most convenient tour:

  • Make a one day Chernobyl tour from Kyiv or stay in the Zone for a long time (up to six days);
  • Order an individual excursion, join a group, or arrange a private group trip;
  • Pick a comfortable date of your Chernobyl trip from UK;
  • Select additional activities like armored vehicles rides or shooting range.

Various settings and options influence the final Chernobyl tour cost. Every tourist gets an insurance. STALKERway guides have great experience in arranging the trips from UK. They are familiar with the Zone and know the best paths. In addition, our company has an official partnership agreement with administration of the area; so, there is nothing illegal in our Chernobyl tours from Kyiv.

There is no need to worry about radiation hazard and other dangers. Years of desolation have done their job and made our Chernobyl tours from UK safe. Now, the radiation level is compatible with an airplane flight or a radiation level of Kyiv, New-York, or London. The STALKERway team consists of experienced guides who will lead you through the safe zones.

The Chernobyl Tour Price

Considering that this city is one of the most exciting places in Kyiv region, Ukraine, and the whole of Europe, the price may seem high. However, you will not regret any cent. You will not find a more exciting and dangerous place to visit. You will never be closer to a living historical monument. For more convenience of our international clients, all prices are represented in Euros.

The price for our Chernobyl tours from Kyiv depends on the certain parameters. Approximately, one person will pay from 90 to 250 Euros. Compared with other companies, STALKERway company offers better conditions, more safety, and lower prices. Each tour cost from UK includes the rent of equipment, transfer from Kiev, service of an experienced sights man, meals, and insurance.

The story of this place is still painful for the citizens of Kyiv region and Ukraine. The lesson of this horrible disaster must not be forgotten. The best way to imprint it into mind is getting an excursion from Kiev to the Chernobyl Zone. Of course, there is no need to forget about great service, convenience, and safety. And STALKERway is going to be your reliable and safe guide.

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