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Только представь: ты попадешь туда, где 30 лет назад произошла катастрофа мирового масштаба и прогуляешься по руинам мертвого, брошенного города. Когда-то здесь жили и работали люди, а сейчас сквозь асфальт пробилась трава и более 46,45 тыс. кв. км (размер такой страны как Словакия) находятся в запустении. Экскурсия в Зону Отчуждения — это то, о чем ты будешь рассказывать своим друзьям, близким, детям и подписчикам в социальных сетях. Каждый сделанный тобой снимок станет памятью, а каждая прогулка будет насыщать сильнейшим потоком эмоций, которые не стираются со временем.
The diversity of the Chernobyl zone is so great that it can not be fully covered in one day of visiting. In an effort to reveal and make this wealth available to the visitors of the Zone, a two-day trip program has been developed at Stalkerway. In this program, in addition to in-depth acquaintance with the most famous objects of the Zone (Chernobyl NPP, Pripyat, Chernobyl), you will get a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the amazing nature of the untouched corners of the Zone, meet interesting people - samoselyami, and their close to nature Life. The two-day visit provides an opportunity to assess the full extent of the radiation contamination by visiting parts of the Zone that are far from the exploded power unit.

Tripadvisor reviews

The result of the majority of excursions is a moral and aesthetic pleasure that arises from the impressions received from the beauties seen, unique historical monuments.

Excursion to the exclusion zone, on the contrary, makes the heart "cry", and the soul yearns. Pripyat is a Ghost town that does not leave anyone indifferent. More than thirty years ago, this place filled with cheerful ringing children's laughter, joyful youth festivals, residents who believed in a bright future. In an instant, all plans collapsed, and the city became empty.

Feedback from visitors after visiting the estranged zone

If there are doubts about whether it is worth to be interested in a Chernobyl tour, the reviews of former tourists will help to Orient, focusing on what you can see, what page of history "turn over".

The picture seen amazes everyone who visited the Chernobyl land:

  • red wood, once green and cheerful, and now a morose with imprint a real tragedy;

  • thickets of trees, in the middle of which look sad playgrounds, through the sprawling branches have to climb to get closer to the entrances of houses;

  • Catfish, surprising for its giant size, floating in large quantities in the river and quickly eating crumbs, which shared with tourists.

Houses, schools, kindergartens, hotels – all these buildings seem to be imprinted melancholy, despondency and orphan hood.