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from 90 €

You can pay for the entire tour on-time reservations (via PayPal, credit card) or in cash on the bus. The amount is paid in UR, USD or GBP.

All STALKERway prices include transfer (back and forth to Kyiv), meals, services of a professional English speaking guide, Geiger-Muller dosimeter, respirator, compulsory insurance, and permits to visit all 3 safe areas of alienation.

In the trip you can take your food. But you can eat only indoors or on the bus. 

Also, in Chernobyl there are service canteens, they are fed tasty and safe, – all products are imported from Kiev. 

On common trips we have dinner in the Canteen No 19 in the Atomic Station.

All you need is supper before the return journey (which, by the way, takes 1.5-2 hours from Chernobyl to Kiev).

We will send email with the meeting place after the dates are agreed with the manager.

  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Transfer
  • Dosimeter
  • Guide

Chernobyl Day Trip with Stalkers Who Know All the Mysteries

Are you tired of boring weekends, each of which is just the same? Take Chernobyl 1 day trip. Believe that one day spent in the ghost town of Pripyat can bring more impressions and emotions than some people experience during years of life. A day trip to Chernobyl is a great opportunity to forget about your everyday life. Plunge into the unique tourism opportunities Stalkerway offers.

There is no person who doesn’t know what happened in 1986. But there are things that you can’t read in the textbooks. You should see them with your own eyes. And our stalkers can help you to do this.

Why Is 1-Day Chernobyl Trip So Popular?

Most tourists give preference to a 1-day trip. Even busy business people want to have a rest from work from time to time. We provide everyone with a chance to stop thinking about the current problems and feel the atmosphere of the place where life stopped.

Have you ever dreamt about a possibility to see how people lived in the Soviet Union? Gather your things and let’s go on a tour with us.

  • Be ready to get up early as the tour starts at 8 o’clock. The starting point is Kyiv, where you’ll depart from.
  • The trip is going to last for 12 hours, during which each participant of the tour will experience different emotions but no doubts all of them will be unforgettable.

You are guaranteed to come back home with other life values. It is the tour you will never forget thanks to the stalkers who are aware of all the mysteries of this place. Chernobyl one day trip is your chance to reveal all the secrets and become the one who knows the truth about the tragedy and life after it. Don’t worry about safety. Our guides will take care of every participant of the Chernobyl day trip. Also, everyone visiting Pripyat is covered by the leading insurance company.

1 day Chernobyl tour

Our stalkers are going to take you to the most vivid places from Kyiv to Chernobyl, where one can take great pictures. Photographers will benefit from having this tour much because they will see the places, which they have never seen in the book illustrations. We have done our best for you not to be bored until we reach the 1st checkpoint.

You’ll be able to sit comfortably and communicate in social networks or watch videos as we have wi-fi. Also, you can learn something new while watching a documentary. If you haven’t taken water or food with you, the programme includes the stop near the store. So, you will be able to buy some snacks. Moreover, the Chernobyl day trip includes lunch.

What Places Will You Visit When Having Chernobyl Day Trip?

The Chernobyl one day trip lasts for 12 hours. It is enough to see all the unique places because our program is well-planned. We never have any unexpected situations due to the fact that your guides are former stalkers who will show you:

  1. Pripyat, which is known as the ghost town.
  2. Kopachi village, where a kindergarten is.
  3. The visit to the nuclear power plant, which is the most popular tourist destination.
  4. The Red forest.

The Chernobyl exclusion zone, which covers an area of 2,600 sq. km is the largest and most uninhabited forest in Europe. It is worth to come here at least in order to feel what really clean air is. In addition, wild animals, which now number about four hundred species, are returning to the spaces freed from anthropogenic pressure. The rivers are full of fish! Feeding giant catfish is a kind of bonus for guests of Chernobyl. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources states that the nature of the Chernobyl woodland is returning to the condition, in which it was in the 17th century.

Chernobyl Day Trip

There is no person who is indifferent to this place when imagining that many years ago people fell in love, planned their future, brought up kids until one horrible tragedy ruined all the plans. This trip is a great opportunity to learn new things, have exclusive photos, and the most important is, to change your attitude to many things. Every tourist who visits Chernobyl and Pripyat comes back home and starts cherishing every single day. Choose one day tour and get a thrilling experience!

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