The ‘Chernobyl’ cast and the people they portrayed.

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Where else was the cast of “Chernobyl” acting? (One of them played Pope Harry Potter’s father)

It is difficult to imagine that in 2019 another series will succeed in repeating the triumph of “Chernobyl”. Thousands of rave reviews from critics, a 9.6 rating and the 1st place rating in the best shows on IMDb speak for themselves. This project has achieved such success thanks to an interesting topic, the careful work of screenwriter Craig Mazin and, not least, the talent of the actors.
We decided to look at the actors of the main roles in the TV series “Chernobyl” and to tell in what other films and series they can be seen.

1. Jared Francis Harris (Valery Legasov)

The filmography of this British actor consists of more than 50 projects. Jared Harris most prominent roles are Lane Price in ”Mad Men”, Dr. David Jones in ”.Fringe”, and Professor Moriarty in ”Sherlock Holmes: The Shadow Game”, ”Carnival Row”, in which Harris will play the sergeant.

2. Emily Watson (Ulyana Khomyuk)

For her debut role – Bess in Lars von Trier’s movie “Breaking the Waves” – Emily Watson received the Felix Award for Best Actress in 1996 and was also nominated for an “Oscar”. Although she has not yet received an “Oscar”, she has played many bright roles over her 20-year career. The best of them are Natalia Katkova in “Protecting Luzhin”, Riba McClain in “Red Dragon”, Mary O’Brien in “Equilibrium”.

3. Stellan John Skarsgard (Boris Shcherbina)

Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgord has appeared in 5 Lars von Trier’s films. We recommend paying attention to his work at “Nymphomaniac”. Also, the actor playing the role of Boris Shcherbin from “Chernobyl” can be seen in the Hollywood box office hits. For example, in “Avengers”, “Girl with a dragon tattoo” and “Cinderella”.

4. Jessie Buckley (Lyudmila Ignatenko)

Jesse Buckley’s career began not with movie, but with music. In 2008, she took the 2nd place in the UK talent show I’ll Do Anything, and after 2 years, she decided she wanted to be an actress. The girl managed to play Maria Bolkonskaya in the movie adaptation of the novel “War and Peace”, Lorna Bow in the TV series “Taboo”, Mall Huntford in the thriller “The Beast”. We have no doubt that after the success of “Chernobyl”, Jesse will have many offers from the best directors.

5. Adam Matthew Nagaitis (Vasily Ignatenko)

A British actor whose main role until “Chernobyl” was Cornelius Hikki’s role in the “Terror” series. Adam Nahitis can also be seen in the movies “Passenger”, Suffragette” and “Himmler’s Brain called Heydrich”.

6. Con O’Neill (Victor Bryukhanov)

In comparison to most other “Chernobyl” actors, Con O’Neill does not have such great filmography. But the play of this British can be appreciated in the mini-series “The Bible”, several episodes of “Doctor Who” and “Cleaning”.

7. Adrian Rawlins (Nicholay Fomin)

Even Harry Potter’s fans found it difficult to recognize the dad of the”boy who survived” in Nicholas Fomin. But if you look more closely at Adrian Rawlins, you will see James Potter. The actor has also starred in “Woman in Black,” “Wilbur Wants to suicide,” and “Death in Paradise.”

8. Sam Troughton (Alexander Akimov)

The fans of the “Doctor Who” series know exactly Sam Troton’s grandfather, Patrick Troton, who played the Second Doctor. Sam himself has such a great role to come. In the meantime, the guy can be seen in several movies and series: “Alien vs. Predator”, “Ritual”, “Robin Hood” and “The Empty Crown”.

9. Robert James MacPherson (Leonid Toptunov)

Robert James’es most famous role is Pythagoras in the “Atlantis” series. In addition, he has performed the roles of characters such as Aphid Man in the movie “Kick-Ass 2”, Thomas Dekker in “Anonymous”, Vitas Gerulaitis in “Borg / Macinro.” The actor devotes a lot of time to theater and is even a teacher at the London School of Dramatic Art.

10. David Dencik (Mikhail Gorbachev)

David Dencik is not only an actor but also a producer. You can evaluate his acting in the series “Murder”, “McMafia” and “The Last Panthers”, as well as in the films “Snowman”, “There will be a day” and “Eclipse”.

11. Paul Ritter (Anatoly Dyatlov)

Briton Paul Ritter plays in the theater more often than in the cinema. But on the big screen, you can also see him. For example, in part 6 of the “Harry Potter” he reincarnated as Eldred Worpl and appeared in “The Game,” “The Quantum of Mercy,” “The Empty Crown” and “Great Expectations”.

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