How long can you stay in Pripyat

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Pripyat – a Tourist Attraction or Just a Derelict Town?

In the last decades, Pripyat has become one of the most mysterious places in the whole world. The tragedy happened to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. And it turned beautiful landscapes of Ukrainian Polesye into an exclusion zone of 30 kilometers. That disaster made hundreds of thousands of people leave their houses and become the citizens of new towns, far away from home. 

How Long Can People Stay in Pripyat

How Long Can People Stay in Pripyat? 

It’s been a while since that major disaster. Currently, people become more and more interested in visiting this place. But most of them wonder whether it’s safe. It looks tempting when an increasing number of travel agencies offer so exciting trip. What is more, it becomes accessible almost to everyone throughout the world. But it’s worth mentioning that the latest studies have shown that people don’t have to worry so much anymore. 

  1. The amount of radiation in the exclusion zone has declined by more than twice since the day of the explosion. So that all the plants and even soil are not contagious anymore. But, of course, the territory inside the sarcophagus of reactor No. 4 is full of radiation even now. 
  2. Moreover, all the people, who became the victims of this accident, were mostly exposed to the radiation in the air. But now no one can face the risk of excessive air contamination. Being here for a whole day won’t do any harm to human health. Ten hours of staying in Pripyat is a hundred times less dangerous than X-ray, for example, and even safer than a two-hour flight by plane. What is more, a week-long stay here won’t be pernicious. 

Owing to these facts everyone can say with confidence that there is no more threat. And nowadays it’s no longer relevant to talk about elevated radiation levels in the exclusion zone except only for some territories. But all of them are out of reach for visitors.

How Long Can People Stay in Pripyat

Is It Possible to Live in Chernobyl Now

As most people in the world consider Chernobyl to be a very dangerous and radioactive town, they believe that living here may be fatal. But a lot of researchers analyze all the factors and rates to find out whether people can live in Pripyat on a regular basis. Numerous studies have shown that it’s possible but not for everyone. Because all people have individual specific features of an organism. Some of them are endowed with powerful immune capabilities but others are not. And this indicator should be considered. 

Is It Possible to Live in Chernobyl Now

Then one wonders whether there are people who live in the exclusion zone. And taking all mentioned above into account the answer is obvious. Almost two hundred people are permanent residents of the city of Chernobyl. Moreover, this number is increasing all the time. But almost all of them live in safe territories. Their houses are situated pretty far away from the power plant but within the exclusion zone. 70 percent of the people, who live here, are over 60. And others migrated here in despair because they had no place to live in, or just could no longer stay at home under some circumstances. 

Is It Possible to Live in Chernobyl NowAll the inhabitants are simple peasants who make their living from agriculture. They raise cattle, grow different plants and harvest crops as every villager does.

But not all foods grown here are safe for human health. Some are less persistent in the remaining radiation in the soil. And eating these products regularly may harm human health. But there are people who did not leave their home after the disaster and still live here, that shows that it’s possible

So many facts about Chernobyl zone are really exaggerated and today the worst is over. There are permanent residents, and the town is turning into a tourist attraction. Of course, it may lay desolate for decades until the moment everyone understands that this place is not dangerous anymore. 

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