Military tourism in Ukraine

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Having appeared relatively recently, military tourism in Ukraine is gaining more and more popularity every year. It is men, who often go on such trips, because the love of weapons is embedded in almost every one of them, it remains only to reveal this feeling, having thrown it out from the depths of the soul. Protecting the own territory and family from the enemy, defeating an opponent – these are the main reasons why a man picks up a weapon.

STALKERway helps you experience these feelings!

Usually military tours include a range of services:

* trips to places of military glory;

* visiting museums with trophies obtained during the war;

* the opportunity to sit at the helm of well-known military equipment, including armored vehicles, and try to ride on it;

* firing from various types of weapons;

* flights on military helicopters and fighters;

* tasting field kitchen;

* stay overnight in tents, etc.

Kyiv military tours

Kyiv is one of those cities where crowds of tourists come together, dreaming to experience the whole atmosphere of a real war. We tell tourists who come on such an active vacation about the planned program of events for the near future, we accompany them to the military-technical museum, and transport them to the military base. Then we will serve potential “servicemen” with a field kitchen or offer a full dinner (at the choice of a tourist).

After that, we offer the “military personnel” special uniforms, made according to the models of military uniforms of the past years. A teacher of military history tells the gathered tourists about the armament of the military, military equipment, ammunition used during the First and Second World War. Tour participants can touch the war shells and take pictures with them.

Next, the participants of the tour are invited to take the KMB (young fighter course). You will be trained to throw knives, grenades, shoot from different types of weapons, ride tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and other military equipment.

We offer military-patriotic tours for adults and children from 12 years old, the main condition a person could reach to the pedals of the control of armored vehicles by the feet!

During the excursions, acquaintance with the heroes of the war years, important historical events, an opportunity to touch the equipment that was in the battles and live ammunition is provided, and take memory shots.

Tour to the military testing ground

A military training ground is a great place for tourist military tours, because this is where a large number of military equipment is located. Visits include shooting from machine guns and other various weapons, riding light and heavy tanks, etc. This ground is a 40-60 minute drive from Kiev. At the training ground, shooting from a heavy machine gun, a self-propelled machine gun, a turret (100 mm) tank gun, and the Fagot ATGM is offered for a fee. Tourists have the opportunity to practice managing such combat vehicles as BTR, BMP, MTLB, T-55AM, etc.


Tour participants are invited to feel all the “charms” of army everyday life, to take part in firing from various weapons, ride armored vehicles of war times on specially dug ditches, tranches and potholes, undergo various tests under the strict supervision of a warrant officer, etc. About 1-10 people simultaneously can participate in “military “events.

For a fee, the option of replacing the BRDM-2 with the BTR-80, imitation of shooting at the participants of the race while riding on armored vehicles, personal control of military equipment, shooting from small arms, etc. is provided.

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