Colleagues! Special terms of cooperation have been developed for you.

We are ready to share in this way:

  1. When you receive your commission, you can add your tourists to our ready-made groups, the list of which is always on our travel calendar. The size of the commission varies in the range of 10-15%, depending on the format of cooperation.
  2. We can be technical performers of your tour. Having a formed group, you can contact us for the implementation of the whole process – formation of a trip program, scenario filling taking into account the group’s interests and interests, solving issues of visiting individual objects of the Zone, obtaining all necessary tolerances and permits, professional support, accommodation and meals in the Zone and etc.
  3. If you are a site owner whose visitors are interested in the subject of Chernobyl tours, you can receive a commission of up to 10% ($ 10-200) from each person who ordered the tour through your site. This will help the automatic system of codes that track the orders of the tours, which made visitors to your site.

Having chosen the cooperation option that suits you, please write to the head office e-mail with the note “cooperation”, indicating in the letter the name of your organization, the format of cooperation that interested you and the approximate volumes of clients / visitors. Our managers will select the best cooperation program for you.

We look forward to working with you!

We are already cooperating with us: