The city Pripyat – the circumstances of the clip

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In 2014, rock musicians from the British band Pink Floyd released a metaphorical video on their famous song “Marooned”, leaving a striking imprint in the history of musical art. The video was shot at the territory of the exclusion zone in the ghost town of Prypyat.

In the same year, Pink Floyd celebrated the 20th anniversary of their “The Division Bell” with the release of “The Division Bell 20th Anniversary Edition” Its part was a new video for the song “Marooned”.

The video is divided into 2 parts. It begins with the frames of the abandoned International Space Station, which returns to Earth. The second part of the video has already been captured on Earth, namely, in the Ukrainian city of Prypyat, which was resettled in 1986 after the Chernobyl accident.

The main characters of the clip are an old man and a little girl the last people left on the devastated planet. The authors of the video did not want to be very attached to the Ukrainian location: the ghost town should have become a metaphorical image of our planet. However, famous places of Prypyat, such as the observation wheel or pool were used in the video, so the city still remains recognizable.

P.S.: The little heroine of the video has never visited Chernobyl exclusion zone – the girl was filmed in a studio in London, and at the stage of installation, the frames with her were inserted into the video.

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