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Kiev Urbex Tour: Enjoy an Exclusive Adventure for Real Thrill Seekers

Walking along the streets of Kiev, anyone can hardly think that there may be a hidden city under his or her feet. Many have heard of the existence of the unfinished “Stalin Metro”, and have been to the Lavra caves, but few know that this is only the “tip of the iceberg”. There is a whole unknown underground city you can explore by taking Urbex Kiev trip.

Some veterans of the Second World War claimed that when they left Kiev, they left through the underground and even underwater tunnels outside the city. In the 1970s-1980s, it was said that under the city there were secret bunkers in case of a nuclear war.

Also, it was mentioned about the tunnels through which you could get out of government buildings on the left bank of the Dnieper. This theory, unlike the others, still exists. Want to find out what is truth and what is just a myth? You have a great opportunity to do this by choosing the Urban Exploration Tour of Kyiv. Let’s have a closer look at the places you are going to visit during Urbex Kiev trip together with our experienced guides.

Askoldova Drain System Urbex Tour

Aren’t you afraid of darkness? This Urbex Kiev tour is for brave tourists who are ready to see what real darkness is. There is nothing more extreme than the excursion, which takes place 2 km underground. You will move from one stage to another one. Askoldova Urbex Kiev tour is your chance to:

  • Learn more about the city dungeons. Experienced guides will tell you how and when they were built and used.
  • Get new unforgettable impressions. Urbex tour isn’t just called extreme. It is like this in reality. You will have a unique opportunity to find yourself at the deep caves and at the bottom of the well, which is 33 meters. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

If you like something extraordinary, be sure to join the tour at Arsenalna. The Urbex Kiev journey will end in the Park of Eternal Glory. If you are going on a trip, don’t take a lot of things with you. Also, you should wear comfortable clothes. Take into account that you can be wet during this Urbex tour. But it is really worth it!

Nikolskaya Drain System Urbex Tour

The most interesting Kiev Urbex tour in the program starts at the Dnipro metro. More and more tourists come to see the legendary system built in 1916.

  1. During two hours, you will be able to learn about ancient tunnels, which you could see only on pics before.
  2. It is not surprising that Nikolskaya drain system tour is so popular. The Kiev system tunnels were built over one hundred years ago. There were many legends about underground tunnels of Kiev at various times. In the 19th century, there were rumors that Kiev was connected with Chernigov, Smolensk, Novgorod and other cities by underground labyrinths. Your guide will reveal all the secrets.
  3. It is your chance to see stalactites and stalagmites with your own eyes.

Be ready to explore 3 km of tunnels that are located on two stages. You won’t regret that you have chosen this tour!

Klov Underground River Urbex Tour

It is one of the most fascinating rivers that can be found under Kiev. If you know nothing about the existence of underground rivers, join Klov Kiev tour. It is your chance to learn everything about the water sources underneath Kiev. This Urbex tour is for people who can endure long walks. Tourists choosing this tour should be prepared to walk 6 km underground.

How many times have you been in Khreschatyk? Now, you have an opportunity to check what is situated under it. Not everyone knows that in 1888 an ancient tunnel was built here. If you want to choose this Kiev Urbex tour, be sure to do this during winter months.

If you are an adrenaline-seeker and you can’t live without new impressions, choose one of the listed Kiev Urbex tours. It is the best way to forget about your everyday life and plunge into the world of the underground tourism.

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