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from 99 €

You can pay for the entire tour on-time reservations (via PayPal, credit card) or in cash on the bus. The amount is paid in UR, USD or GBP.

All STALKERway.com prices include transfer (back and forth to Kyiv), meals, services of a professional English speaking guide, Geiger-Muller dosimeter, outfit, compulsory insurance.

Dinner are included it the tour.

We will send email with the meeting place after the dates are agreed with the manager.

  • Insurence
  • Food
  • Guide
  • Dosimeter
  • Outfit
  • Transfer

The military armored all-terrain vehicle produced by the USSR is one of the most versatile vehicles created by brilliant Soviet developers. According to the documents, this vehicle passes as a militarized all-terrain vehicle for hard off-road driving. This vehicle is still used today in military operations in the east of Ukraine and in civilian life, for example, in the Taiga.

Price from 140€

Amount of people Estimated price per person
         1                              300€
         2                             140€
         3                             99€
         4                             99€

The final price depends on the number of people, the type of equipment, weapons and specified by our managers!

ADVENTURE TOURS IN UKRAINE: – Get Your Dose of Adrenaline

For long time aventure tours in Ukraine with weapons and military equipment have been a desire for most people. At the same time, guns can frighten and delight us. There is no doubt that everyone, even an ardent pacifist, had experienced a willing to shoot at least once. Now you have got an option to turn this inner desire into reality. Order an adventure tour in Ukraine at StalkerWay and get the maximum fun and excitement from shooting.

Find Your Reason To Sign In

A simple shooting tour can fulfil a lot of your dreams. Let us show you what you will get with us:

  • This kind of sports is an excellent way to relax for both brave men and women. Those who had never held weapons before will get the maximum impression. For those who are familiar with firearms, it is a perfect chance to improve skills.
  • Driving military transport by yourself will not leave you indifferent. Indeed, the feeling of operating 10 tons of steel is incompatible. This chance is available only here, at our shooting range Kyiv. Only with us, you can possess the full power of real military equipment.
  • Advanture tour with shooting and driving is not only a good source of adrenaline. It is a perfect way to relax and entertain. Do you suffer from stress? Now you can smash and shoot it. Are you looking for a way to raise the team spirit of your company? There is no better way to do it.
  • Video game fans will appreciate this military tour opportunity as well. Here you can compare a way how a legendary AK-47 conducts itself in the virtual reality and real life. Cooperation with StalkerWay is essential for those who are familiar with such popular FPS games as Metro 2033 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Our company can conduct you a tour to Chernobyl, where you can visit the ‘old stomping grounds’.
  • It is a perfect present as well. Do you know somebody fond of weapons and military world? Grant them with unforgettable feelings. They will appreciate and never forget a military tour from StalkerWay.

As you can see, there is much to do here. Why is it such a cool way of entertainment? Why should you turn to StalkerWay?

Why Choose Us?

StalkerWay is an experienced operator of adrenaline gaining kinds of leisure. Based in Kyiv, we provide customers from all over the world with fascinating trips and tours. Here are our advantages:

  1. We work with the most experienced and professional instructors. No matter if you are looking forward to seeing Chernobyl zone or shoot some bullets from AK-47, everything is safe and secure. Our instructors are residents with military training and experience of stalking behind. They will help both experienced gunslingers and amateurs.
  2. Everything is legal. We cooperate with local authorities. You will not have problems with permissions. All tours and trips we offer are authorised and controlled.
  3. Compared to other companies, we offer the lowest prices and the fullest sets of activities. You can pick a trip according to your wishes. Order an individual tour to get full experience or take part in the shooting tour Kyiv with your friends or coworkers.
  4. You get maximum income from the minimal investments. All you need is a valid ID or passport, a ticket to Ukraine and your individual things. There is no need to sign strange papers and issue permissions to get your military tour.

It is a very short list of our advantages. Visit us and find them all. A military tour at a shooting range in Kyiv region is not only a way to entertain. It is an obligatory part of every tour into this country. Those who want to discover the full history of this magnificent country, experience the full military power of the former USSR and modern independent Ukraine, must not miss this opportunity. And we, the StalkerWay company, are here to guide you.

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