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from 105 €

You can pay for the entire tour on-time reservations (via PayPal, credit card) or in cash on the bus. The amount is paid in UR, USD or GBP.

All STALKERway.com  prices include transfer (back and forth to Kyiv), accommodation at a 2 * hotel, meals, professional English-speaking guide services, Geiger-Müller dosimeter, respirator, compulsory insurance, and permits to visit all 3 safe zones alienation.

In the trip you can take your food. But you can eat only indoors or on the bus. Also, in Chernobyl there are service canteens, they are fed tasty and safe, – all products are imported from Kiev.

On common trips we have dinners in the Chernobyl canteen.

In the first day you will have dinner and supper.

In the second day you will have breakfast, dinner and supper.

In the third day you will have breakfast and dinner.

*If your jorney lasts two days you’ll have breakfast and dinner in the second day.

Hotels Chernobyl – accommodation at night

Service Hotel “PRYPYAT”

Located in the city of Chernobyl, on the street. Polupanova. Visitors are given ironed starched linen with stamps of the Chernobyl Special Combine, soap and a towel. TV – only in the “suites”. In each room: furniture, radio broadcasting point. Rooms of two types – 3-bed and 4-bed.

Hotel “Ten”

The hotel is located in the center of Chernobyl in the former building “ChernobylInterInform”. The hotel has 2 floors. Repair 2014. Simple rooms for 2 and 3 people. One toilet and shower for 2 rooms. If you want to move into a single room, please tell us about it in advance.

We will send email with the meeting place after the dates are agreed with the manager.

  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Guide
  • Transfer
  • Dosimeter
  • Hotel

Chernobyl Private Tour: Experience A Breathtaking Adventure

Probably all of us have heard about the Chernobyl tragedy that happened in Ukraine in 1986. These days there are many group tours that travel there. But what if we told you that you can now visit the Chernobyl on your own and have a private tour? With us, your dream becomes possible.

Now, you can go to this dangerous place by yourself or with your friends. You can come to see Chernobyl from any corner of the globe, and we will meet you in Kyiv. There is a bus available from Kiev that will take you there. Your Chernobyl private tour will take you to mysterious and interesting places that you couldn’t even imagine!

chernobyl privat tour

Chernobyl Private Tour: Places To Visit

Your Chernobyl private tour is going you to bring you a lot of new emotions and impressions. With us, you will experience all aspects of Chernobyl tourism and visit the most popular sites of the Chernobyl. On your Chernobyl private tour, you will meet professional guides and photographers that will help you make your travels memorable.

chernobyl privat tour

Here is a look some of the places you are going to see on your Chernobyl private tour.

chernobyl privat tour

  • Exclusion Zone

The zone is the region that was contaminated by radiation the most — Pripyat and some other villages. After the Chernobyl disaster happened, inhabitants within the 30 km had to evacuate. Only the workers could enter the Zone. These days, around 500 people live in the exclusion zone and many tourists take a trip to see these places. Mostly they are natives that didn’t want to abandon their homes and decided to go back despite the danger. On your Chernobyl private tour from Kiev To Chernobyl, you will enter the Zone and visit a few famous places.

chernobyl privat tour

  • Pripyat

Once it was a great city full of life and young people, but after the tragedy happened, it was no longer occupied by anyone. Pripyat was the closest town to №4 reactor and people who lived here were the station workers. Pripyat suffered the most and took the biggest impact.

chernobyl privat tour

To survive, people had to run away from their homes immediately, and all of the children had to rescued from kindergartens and school right away. These days the only residents of Pripyat are the animals that from time to time can be seen by tourists. During your Chernobyl private tour, you will be able to visit Pripyat and its secret places.

chernobyl privat tour

  • OTH-SW Duga Or Chernobyl-2

Another place that you can visit on your Chernobyl private tour is OTH-SW Duga. Duga is an over-horizon radar and one of the biggest constructions that were made in the Soviet Union, and still, it remains one of the most mysterious places on the planet. The reason why Duga was constructed near Chernobyl is that it used nearly 30 megawatts of electricity. It used to be a top-secret construction, but after the explosion, it became just another dark tourists attraction.

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