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from 165 €

You can pay for the entire tour on-time reservations (via PayPal, credit card) or in cash on the bus. The amount is paid in UR, USD or GBP.

The cheapest of our tours to the exclusion zone is a retro tour to Chernobyl (1 day) for only 99 EUR / 119 USD / 89 GBP.

All STALKERway.come prices include transfer (back and forth to Kiev), meals (full board), services of a professional English speaking guide, Geiger-Muller dosimeter, respirator, compulsory insurance, and permits to visit all 3 safe areas of alienation.

In the trip you can take your food. But you can eat only indoors or on the bus. Also, in Chernobyl there are service canteens, they are fed tasty and safe, – all products are imported from Kiev. On common trips we have dinner in the Chernobyl canteen.

All you need is lunch or dinner before the return journey (which, by the way, takes 1.5-2 hours from Chernobyl to Kiev).

Place collection st. Georgy Kirpa, (KFC coming out of the South (Ukrainian – First) terminal of the Central Railway Station of the city of Kiev, Ukraine.

GPS coordinates of the place: 50.4389096,30.484696 (50.4389096,30.484696)

Read more – map and panorama of the meeting place.


When buying a tour before 11.03.2019 - 10% discount!

Until the end of the action left:
-58days -2hours -47minutes -8seconds
-86дни -9час -57мин -1сек
  • Insurence
  • Lunch
  • Transfer
  • 100 shots
  • Weapons

Package with “Standard”

Cost: 165 €

  • 10 bullets Kalashnikov AK 47 (7.62*39)
  • 10 bullets Dragunov Sniper Rifle SVD (7.62*54)
  • 10 bullets AK 101 rifle of the Kalashnikov
  • 10 bullets M-16 shots (223 REM(5.56*45)
  • 10 bullets Glock-17 pistol shots (kp 9*19)
  • With Safety Training, equipment and instruction

Package with “Profi”

Cost: 250 €

  • 10 bullets Fort-21 pistol (9*18);
  • 10 bullets Nagant revolver (7.62*38);
  • 10 bullets Glock-17 pistol shots (9*19);
  • 20 bullets F-500 pump-action shotgun (calibre 12);
  • 20 bullets АК-47 (or АКМ) shots (7.62*39);
  • 20 bullets М-16 (or М4) shots (223 REM (5.56*45);
  • 10 bullets Dragunov Sniper Rifle SVD (7.62*54);
  • 10 bullets Z-10 shots (7.62*51);
  • With Safety Training, equipment and instruction
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Duration, days:

Tour cost: 123

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