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from 270 €

You can pay for the entire tour on-time reservations (via PayPal, credit card) or in cash on the bus. The amount is paid in UR, USD or GBP.

In addition you will receive a 10% discount when traveling with 3 or more friends.

All STALKERway prices include transfer (back and forth to Kiev), accommodation at a 2 * hotel, meals, professional English-speaking guide services, Geiger-Müller dosimeter, respirator, compulsory insurance, and permits to visit all 3 safe zones alienation.

In the trip you can take your food. But you can eat only indoors or on the bus. Also, in Chernobyl there are service canteens, they are fed tasty and safe, – all products are imported from Kiev. 

In the first day you will have dinner and supper. In the second day you will have breakfast and lunch.

On common trips we have dinners in the Chernobyl canteen.

Hotels Chernobyl – accommodation at night

Service Hotel “PRYPYAT”

Located in the city of Chernobyl, on the street. Polupanova. Visitors are given ironed starched linen with stamps of the Chernobyl Special Combine, soap and a towel. TV – only in the “suites”. In each room: furniture, radio broadcasting point. Rooms of two types – 3-bed and 4-bed.

Hotel “Ten”

The hotel is located in the center of Chernobyl in the former building “ChernobylInterInform”. The hotel has 2 floors. Repair 2014. Simple rooms for 2 and 3 people. One toilet and shower for 2 rooms. If you want to move into a single room, please tell us about it in advance.

We will send email with the meeting place after the dates are agreed with the manager.

  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Guide
  • Transfer
  • Dosimeter
  • Hotel

Two Day Chernobyl Tour: An Adventure You will Never Forget

The diversity of the Chernobyl zone is too great for a one day trip. That is why StalkerWay company is launching an incredible offer – a two-day tour to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the town of Pripyat. We are going to discover their mystery and secrets with you. You will get the ultimate chance to visit the untrodden places in the area. A two-day tour from Kiev to Chernobyl lets a visitor estimate the full power of the radioactive pollution by visiting close and distant places.

Why Should You Choose a Two Day Tour From StalkerWay?

Our company is an experienced provider of adrenaline and entertainment. With us, you will get the satisfaction of any tour or trip ordered. Let us discuss the advantages of a two-day tour in particular:

  • 100% legal. We work with a local administration closely. Our company ensures that you and any person who has ordered a trip will not face any problems. This trip takes you to have just two things: a visa to Ukraine (check if your citizenship implies it or not) and a valid passport or ID.
  • 100% safe. Our employers are experienced professionals familiar with a Chernobyl area and its hazards. You will not catch any radiation. You will be guided through the safest but still very interesting zones.
  • 100% entertaining. A two-day tour with a guide from a Kiev based company StalkerWay is not only a trip. It is the biggest museum visit in your life. During this time you will learn everything about the tragedy of the 1986 disaster, observe its consequences and make your own conclusions. You will attend some specific activities you will never find in other places or trips. Also, you will visit and communicate with people living in the zone and self-settlers.

What Do You Need For a Good Trip To Chernobyl?

This tour does not require any special knowledge or extreme tourism skills. You will spend a night in a local hotel (yes, the whole night inside a Chernobyl Zone!) and will be provided with local meals. However, we suggest you prepare something important:

  • Pick a personal first aid kit according to your health conditions.
  • Take some snacks to tame hunger during the walks
  • Valid passport or ID.
  • Clothes adequate to the season and weather conditions. For example, it is useful to take an umbrella or raincoat in spring.
  • Comfortable footwear which suitable for long walks.
  • You can take your own dosimeter. Our company rents them as well.

And, the last, but the not less important thing is your enthusiasm and good mood. Get ready for the most unforgettable adventure of your life with StalkerWay company.

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