What to Eat During Your Chernobyl Trip

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Congratulations, you have decided for a unique, unforgettable trip to Chernobyl. We promise you safety yet incredible experiences, but you might be interested in more practical things now. So, where to eat and what to eat during the trip? We have good news for you: we provide everything.

Canteen No 19 of the Chernobyl Atomic Station

One-Day Tour

If you select a one-day tour, you can get a unique experience indeed. What about trying an atomic station canteen? You will eat in Canteen No 19 of the Chernobyl Atomic Station. There, you will be served with:

  • The first course:

You can select soup or borshch (beetroot + cabbage soup, a national Ukrainian dish)

  • The main course:

Porridge, potatoes or pasta + a patty cake or chop

  • A drink:

Compot or uzvar (traditional Ukrainian drink, compote from dried fruit)

Don’t worry though if you are a vegetarian. We have a tasty option for you, as well. What about a piece of tasty juicy fish instead of meat?

Canteen No 19 of the Chernobyl Atomic Station

Two-Day or Private Tour

If you have opted for a two-days tour or a private tour, your options are the following:

You can select between a meal in your hotel, TEN, or a meal in Canteen No 19 in the Atomic Station. What sounds more thrilling for you? If you go on a trip with us for two days, you will be treated a breakfast and a dinner meal. Here are the options, from which you can select:

  • Breakfast consists of one course (scrambled eggs, pancakes, porridge with milk), a drink (tea, coffee or juice) and a butty.
  • For the dinner, you can select a porridge course, a potato course (might vary the preparation way) a pasta dish and a chunk or a patty-cake. If you want, you can order a drink for dinner, as well (coffee, tea, juice, water). In the hotel, you can find vegetarian food, as well. if you are a vegetarian, you can get a mushroom or a fish dish instead of a meat dish.

All food is prepared in the best Ukrainian traditions. All dishes are made from ecological products imported from Kyiv.

Canteen No 19 of the Chernobyl Atomic Station

As you can see, we have selected the dishes that are able to provide you with the energy needed for the mission you have selected: the exploration of one of the most mysterious and dangerous (in the past) places in the world. As well, your dining experience will wonderfully complement your overall experiences from the trip and the meeting with the past.

Now, you are ready to get the most exciting experience ever! Book the tour that you liked and complement your trip experience with traditional Ukrainian food. If you have any questions or requests, we will be happy to assist you in anything.

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