Why it is worth watching the series “Chernobyl” while it is fresh in the memory “Game of Thrones”?

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Emotions didn’t yet calm down after the “Game of Thrones” finale, when HBO gave the audience another topic of discussion. The new brainchild of the channel, “Chernobyl”, consists of only 5 episodes, but the rating has already managed to overtake many famous serials. And not the last role in the popularity of the project was played by the cast. Attentive spectators in the atmosphere of the USSR in 1986 were able to discern the Lord Commander of the “Night Watch”, the head of the Bolton family and other characters from the world based on the novels “Songs of Ice and Fire”.

We did not expect that so soon after the “Game of Thrones” a series will be released that again will force people around the world to join the screens, but it’s nice that we had to part with our favorite actors for a short time.

James Cosmo

James Cosmo played Lord Commander of the “Night Watch” in the “Game of Thrones” and in “Chernobyl” one of the Tula miners.

Michael McElhatton

The head of the Bolton House (Michael McElhatton) in “Game of Thrones” and the prosecutor Andrei Stepashin in “Chernobyl” in both the first and second cases managed to arouse fear with his piercing gaze.

Ralph Aineson

Ralph Aineson in “The Game of Thrones” was known as Dagmer Shcherbaty, the famous warrior who served the Greyjoys and was also the captain of the “Penohododets (Foamwalker)” ship and the master of Pike’s weapons. In “Chernobyl”, Ralph played General Tarakanov, who commanded the liquidators.

Donald Sumpter

The master of Winterfell, Lyuvin (Donald Sumpter), beloved by many spectators, played Comrade Zharkov in “Chernobyl”, a member of the Pripyat City Executive Committee. Exactly by his personal initiative exits from the city were blocked and telephone lines were cut off to prevent the spread of information about the disaster.

Jamie Sives

It’s hard to recognize Jamie Sives, who played Jory Kassel in “The Game of Thrones” in Chernobyl: from a handsome man and the captain of the house guard, Starky Sives turned into the deputy chief engineer of the nuclear power plant Anatoly Sitnikov.

Karl Davies

You saw this young man in the roles of Alton Lannister, cousin of Cersei and Jaime, and in “Chernobyl” he played the role of a worker Viktor Proskuryakov.


The audience remembered this woman in the Royal Harbor, because Arya Stark helped her and her daughter get out of the ruined city. In “Chernobyl”, the actress was waiting for a similar role: in Pripyat, she tried to escape with her family.

What else is common in “The Game of Thrones” and in “Chernobyl”

In “The Game of Thrones” they paid great attention to detailization, even if it was not the most pleasant. And in “Chernobyl” they were not afraid to show the frightening truth: the audience learned to the smallest details and saw the consequences of radiation infection.


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